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BioTutor® Excalibur biology software

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BioTutor® Excalibur Biology Tutorials

For biology help, every high school and college biology student on the planet should have this awesome, interactive biology tutorial software.

Click here to view an excellent review of BioTutor® Excalibur biology software on the College Board Web site.

"I worked with BioTutor® over the weekend before a major test in AP Biology. I can definitely say that BioTutor® was significant in my getting the best grade in the class. It especially helped me to get a stronger grasp of all the facts and concepts and to gain a better understanding of how they all fit together."

Eric Klose
12th Grade AP Biology Student
Downingtown, PA

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Our Mission: To provide high school and college students with the best chemistry help, physics help, and biology help available anywhere, at an affordable price, and in an easy-to-use, interactive software format that is designed and written by some of the top science educators in the United States.

FrogWhy Should You Buy BioTutor® Excalibur?: Because biology educators and students throughout the United States and around the world have told us that BioTutor® Excalibur is the best biology tutorial software that's available anywhere for high school and college biology help.

Our Money-Back Guarantee: We will give you a full refund of your purchase price if you don't agree that our biology software has given you the best biology help available anywhere, and that it has helped you to get higher grades and a better understanding of biology.

BioTutor® Excalibur Edition is a complete, interactive biology tutorial on CD that covers the full curriculum from high school biology through the first two semesters of college biology. It has received excellent reviews from high school and college biology students and faculty who have used it.

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Compared to reading a traditional biology textbook, BioTutor® Excalibur is a much more efficient way to learn biology and get biology help because you only click on the LEARN and EXPLANATION buttons when you need them. Otherwise, you can just move on to those concepts that you still need help with. For only $39.95, BioTutor® Excalibur is a real bargain for anyone needing biology help!

How BioTutor® Excalibur provides outstanding biology help

"I've been using BioTutor®, and it really helps. It's pulled up my grade from a B to an A. I think it helped because it gave me a good idea of questions that could be on the test. The only reason I was getting a B before was because I didn't have very good test scores. However, on my most recent test (on Genetics) I got a 37 out of 35 points (including a 2 point extra credit question) because I had reviewed that chapter in BioTutor®. Thanks! It's really helpful!"

Laurel Van Gemert
Biology Student
Michigan State University

"I'm happy to report that my student who had been failing science just scored a 93% on the Skeleton & Muscle test. We employed BioTutor® using both the Tutorial and Test Simulation modes. As a result, he got an A-. That's quite an accomplishment for him, because he had sort of given up on school. I am very happy to report this news to you, and I feel that your software was a contributing factor in this situation."

Linda Samul
Pinckney, MI

Click here to view an excellent review of BioTutor® Excalibur biology software on the
College Board Web site.