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"Interactive Learning, Inc. is the leading developer of science tutorial chemistry software, biology software, and physics software for high school and college students."

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Here is how PhysicsTutor® Excalibur provides outstanding college physics help and high school physics help:

1. First, PhysicsTutor® Excalibur breaks down the study of physics into 20 manageable subject areas.

2. When you select a tutorial in one of these 20 subject areas, PhysicsTutor® Excalibur displays a question that you will need to be able to answer once you have mastered that subject area of physics. If you already understand how to solve that type of problem, you can go ahead and answer it. However, if you have no idea how to answer that question, you can click on the LEARN button.

3. This will bring up a screen that explains the concept associated with that question and shows you how to, in general, approach that type of question.

4. Then, try to answer the question. If you still have difficulty with the question, click on the EXPLANATION button.

5. This will bring up a screen that shows you, in detail, how to solve that specific problem.

6. After you have correctly answered a question, click on the NEXT QUESTION button.

7. Depending on the difficulty of the concept, this will either display another similar question associated with that same concept or a new question that is associated with another concept in that subject area.

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PhysicsTutor Excalibur
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PhysicsTutor® Excalibur
physics tutorial software.

Compared to reading a traditional physics textbook, PhysicsTutor® Excalibur is a much more efficient way to learn physics and get physics help because you only click on the LEARN and EXPLANATION buttons when you need them. Otherwise, you can just move on to those concepts that you still need help with. For only $39.95, PhysicsTutor® Excalibur is a real bargain for anyone needing physics help!

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"PhysicsTutor® Excalibur is immeasurably helpful in preparing for any kind of physics test or exam."

                               Jonathan Evans
                               12th Grade Physics Student
                               Texarkana, TX

"PhysicsTutor® Excalibur is excellent. The graphics are good, it is easy to follow, and it has good content."

                               Richard E. Clarke, Ph.D.
                               Science Department Chair
                               Blair Academy